Splashin’ at the Splash Pad

We just recently moved to a very nice area in our region of the world and there is so much around us one of which is a great Splash Pad just around the corner. We went yesterday with a friend and her lil one, we didn’t stay long but we had a good time. My cell phone takes some pretty fantastic photos and I wanted to share them here. I love how you can see the water droplets.


Gelaze Shellac from China Glaze

So I decided to get a LED curing lamp and some Gelaze shellac from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I was tired of paying $20 just so someone could paint my nails. The LED lamps are around $60 and the Gelaze Shellac from China Glaze are $10 each. The top coat is around the same or less.

It’s pretty simple using this brand because the base and coat are are in one bottle.


1. Make sure your nails are clean, shaped the way you want and cuticles are pushed back.
2. One thin coat of the color
3. Cure under lamp
4. Another coat of color
5. Cure under lamp
6. One coat of top coat
7. Cure under lamp
8. Take a cotton ball and put rubbing alcohol on it then rub each nail til they feel slick and not gummy

Poof you’re done. The nails are dried already so go about your day and have fun showing off your DIY shellac!


What’s Been Shakin’?

Well again as always I neglected my blog. I knew that would happen. As a kid I never kept up with my journals. When I was ready to start writing again I could never find the one I started so I would just go buy new ones. Lol it made me giggle everytime we would move I would find all the different journals with only half he pages used =P

Well, not that any of you are wondering where I been Ima tell ya any way =) I been busy with trying to make sure the final phase of construction of my first house is done right and all issues fixed before the first walk through which is tomorrow so we can start closing. It’s been a long and sucky road but it’s going to be worth it.

I also started a new job that fell into my lap. It’s a wireless sales company that pays me a base pay plus commissions. I make alright money and just heard that I may have the chance for a management position which has a huge increase in pay.

I’ve not kept up with my jewelry lately. Just hoping to sell the inventory I have so I can replenish as I sell. I get custom orders here and there and that’s all I keep up with.

On my birthday in December my husband took Xavier and I to the beach for a professional photo shoot. It was awesome and hope to do it again this year. I got so many awesome photos. Our friend Marlana is a fantastic photographer and has great prices. If you are near or a local to the MS Gulf Coast and interested in seeing some of her work, let me know and I can show you. I’d love to get her some more business.


Aren’t my boys so handsome =) I think Xaver enjoyed it the most. This kid needs to be in movies or a model or something!! He loves taking pictures, of himself of course lol, and he takes them very well I might add lol

Our Christmas and New Years was great and so glad it’s over. Now I’m ready to focus on making a fun and healthy life for my family.

Smile =)

He Finally Figured It Out!

So Xavier has been using the big potty for a little while now. Off and on. With help only.  Well, tonight I was on the phone and heard my toilet flush and seen a bare booty little boy run out screaming “I pee peed mommy, by myself!  Come see!” I’m thinking oh lord it’s all over the floor LOL! I get in there and ask him where is the pee pee and he says it’s in the potty. He then showed me how he did it. He had taken my large make-up box and put it on the right side of the toilet. Stood on it and climbed on the toilet. It was like watching a gymnast saddle the valance beam. He held on to the sides and hovered over the potty. Once he was done he wiped lol well blotted, flushed & informed me it was time to wash our hands.



My Son Told Me Something Special… In His Sleep =)

Most nights I get the pleasure of rocking my son to sleep while reading a story (or 2 or 4 lol). Tonight was no different than any other except that he kept caressing my face with his precious little hand and then had a sweet little message for me after he had passed out in my arms.

I knew he’d been asleep for a little while but I had gone into a daze and just sat there steadily rocking back and forth. I had drifted into thoughts of what the new year may hold and wondered if everything was going to be alright (I do this often. Mostly worried about… well everything lol). We have our first home being built and I want everything to be perfect for my lil man and my wonderful husband Brian. It’s just something important that I need to worry myself about lol

As I lost myself to deep thought I hear Xavier mutter, “Momma?” I snapped out of my daze and answered,  “Yes baby?”
He mumbled something I couldn’t make out. I cradled him so I could look at him and he was still asleep.

“Sweetie, did you say something?” I asked. He nodded slightly.
“It will be alwight, Momma” he whispered. As if he had been reading my mind.

I just stared at him and an overwhelming sensation to cry came over me. I asked him if that’s what he said and he nodded then puckered his lips for a good night kiss. How can ya say no to that =D All the while he was still asleep. I’m not sure what he was dreaming of but the timing was perfect. I like to think he is sensitive to my energies and can feel when momma is going through emotions while in a daze =)

My little man warmed my heart so much I do believe it melted once again. That is why I love holding my baby and rocking him to sleep. Even if nothing is said he just exudes sweetness and love. I will miss these moments when he gets older and our night time ritual is just heart warming memories.


DIY Laundry Detergent – How Not To Do It =)


So I have been making my own laundry detergent for about 6 months now. I love it, it saves me money and it is a lot of fun being able to create your own useful products.

As with a lot of DIY projects there is always a learning curve and you have to make mistakes in order to figure out what works best for you. I have had a couple of hiccups with this project but nothing like I had today.

The batch makes two large mason jars and they last about 4-5 weeks depending on how much laundry you do each month. My first mason jar was a breeze, no epic fails to report there. The second mason jar, well as you can see in the image above… it was an EPIC fail! Lol  some how some way the blender lid was vibrating off the mason jar and the jar itself popped off the lid and fell into the sink (thank goodness) and the lid and blender blade was stuck on the blender splattering whipped detergent everywhere. LOL I was beside myself with shock and laughter.

So that was how not to do it, below is instructions on how to do it right LOL I think =P

Whipped Laundry Detergent

1 bar of Fels Naptha
3c. HOT Water  (coffee  maker  or microwave will do the trick)
1c. 20 Mule Team Borax Powder
1c. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (NOT BAKING SODA)
Two 1-Quart Size Mason Jars (NOT WIDE MOUTH)

1. Cut the Naptha in half and then chop into small chunks
2. Put each halves chunks into the mason jars
3. Add 1 1/2 cup HOT water into each jar, close and leave over night
4. In the morning the substance in the jars should be like jello, cut criss cross patterns in the jello, replace the lid and shake the substance so it does not stick to the bottom of the jars
5. Add 1/2 cup Borax and 1/2 cup Washing Soda into each jar
6. Add HOT water to the ‘Shoulder’ of each jar (the shoulder is when the jar starts to taper towards the mouth of the jar)
7. Take the blender blade and the lid that holds the blade, stick it on the mason jar and screw on well
8. Turn the mason jar upside down onto the blender and WHIP
9. Hold the jar in place (this is where I messed up on the second one lol) and keep it there for a couple of minutes

That should do it. The Fels Naptha has a very potent clean smell but you can add essential oils or Downey Fragrance beads to give it a little more UMPH just add  it in the morning when you go to blend it all together.


Neat Gift Box Repurposed


I have had this Victoia Gift Box ffor AGES!!! I got it with a gift card for Christmas  about 4 years ago! I always said to myself that I would do something cool with it so I have been holding on to it all this time.

I had the idea of turning it into a shadow box with some photos in it. My huni Brian came up with the idea to put LED lights in it. It took me FOREVER to find a string of battery operated LED xmas lights! I finally got a few packs at Walgreens after xmas so they were half off. WOOT WOOT!!  Below is a few images to show you hhow I did it =) 













I am really pleased with how it came out =)

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